The Calendar

This is just a small preview of a couple of the months in the calendar. Click below to preorder and be the FIRST to get the 2014 Beard Calendar!



Why a beard calendar?

You are joking right? The better question is WHY NOT a beard calendar?! You see all of those swimsuit and/or body builder calendars in every single store in America.

Was America not founded by hairy, burly men? My good friends Abraham Lincoln and John Quincy Adams would punch you in the mouth if you disagree! Our calendar is action packed with 12 months of beards on beards on beards. That is 3 levels of beards.

Here is a little checklist and our good friend Philly with a message for you:

  • Beards and lots of them
  • Dudes who take beards very seriously
  • No wussy “No Shave November” beards
  • Themes. Most months have a theme that correspond with the month they appear
  • Body hair
  • Chicken and Sparklers
  • Really short shorts


The Beards


Come back to this page soon for full profiles of each beard and the guys who wear them.

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